Taking the High Road

​It took me the LONGEST time to realize that high road, when dealing with those people who annoy/hurt/abuse you, is the best road to take no matter what happen. Taking the high road means you don’t bring yourself down to their level. Like when they tried to provoke you by calling you stuff, you don’t […]

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​My friend sent me a picture from 7 years ago. A picture when we were hanging out one evening on a Ramadan iftar. I saw myself in the picture, and noticed some little details that reminded me of my younger self. Those days are when I often do things I’m not proud of. In this picture, […]

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​I stumbled upon this article that mentioned about women who are buying non-engagement rings to commit to self love. I think it’s really cool that more people realizing that they need to love themselves more. Because I hear everyday, nowadays, about people who hurts others. Not to mention I meet them myself. You know, those […]

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eFishery and me

Tahun baru buat sebagian orang biasanya identik sama awal yang baru. Tahun baru 2016 masehi ini juga jadi awal baru buat eFishery. This year is where they supposed to accelerate, karena tahun ini bakal jadi awal kerja sama mereka sama dua investor pertamanya. Lucunya adalah, kalau ditrack ke sejarah meeting pertama sama kedua investor, semuanya […]

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Kamu tahu apa yang sulit? Apa yang supersulit, sampai seorang teman bilang kalau ‘Islam itu sadis’ (yea I’m looking at you, ZFK)? Haha. Bukan sadis beneran kok, maksudnya di sini, sadis karena kadang hampir gak masuk akal akhlak yang dicontohkan Rasulullah SAW. Saking baiknya, tampaknya cuma orang level Rasulullah SAW aja yang bisa gitu. …adalah […]

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Imagine a scale as your emotional cup, and its got a ‘tare’ button to deny all the weight you supposed to hold.

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The Birth Story of Gaia

Hi! So I’m finally here, a month and a half later, going to share you about one of the most important day of my and my husband’s life (because we’re officially parents) and my daughter’s life (because it’s the day she’s born). Where do I start?

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Hello Again

Oh WORDPRESS! Long time no see! How are you, people? I notice that my last post is literally two months old, but that’s only because a miracle just happened to me 😀 While it was a miracle that’s happened, I still need to treat myself like I was injured, so I kinda did. Other people, […]

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Stretch Marks Trick

Since this is my first pregnancy, EVERYTHING is surely something new. Even though I’ve read several stuff about pregnancy in articles, some of the stuff I heard from my mom and my friends, when it’s really happening, it’s still weird. Never have I ever once said to myself, in this first pregnancy, ‘oh yeah, I […]

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