Stretch Marks Trick

Since this is my first pregnancy, EVERYTHING is surely something new. Even though I’ve read several stuff about pregnancy in articles, some of the stuff I heard from my mom and my friends, when it’s really happening, it’s still weird. Never have I ever once said to myself, in this first pregnancy, ‘oh yeah, I […]

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Baby Preps (35th Weeks)

My pregnancy reaches, give or take, 35weeks, and I couldn’t be happier! ­čśÇ The kick is even more obvious, and even though I’m sleep deprived because it’s really hard to have a good, sound, night sleep, and hard to find a good position to sleep in, I don’t really want my┬ábaby to come out faster […]

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Little Things

Udah berapa kali saya pasang status di medsos soal tengkurap, ya? Orang-orang udah bosen kali, baca status saya soal tengkurap, hahahahaha.

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Bonus Healing

Kemarin-kemarin saya dapat ‘bonus’. Saya kan ceritanya lagi dalam tahap proses self-healing yang dalam jarak dekat ini dihitung┬ásampe hari H melahirkan, karena saya berencana gentle birth maksudnya. Selanjutnya ya akan butuh lagi self-healing untuk sehari-hari pastinya, cuma short-term goal-nya buat GB dulu. Sebenarnya rencana saya sih terakhir belajar TAT aja terus ya udah, tinggal praktik […]

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Videos about Gentle Birth

These are the links to the videos you need to watch if you want to educate yourself about gentle birth. Some of them are in English, some of them are in Bahasa ­čÖé These videos are not mine, and these are only those which I have watched. I maybe will add some more videos if […]

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