Kenya Prep (not me, hahahaha)

So my husband is invited to this Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 (GES2015) in Kenya, Africa. Well if course it’s not me, I can’t go that far with this belly :D. I don’t know for sure what he’s gonna do there but I heard he’s gonna be in some kind of expo, and workshop or something […]

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Utrecht :)

I was always that girl who can’t read the maps properly, i don’t know which way I’m going except if I’ve been going back and forth to the same place forever. I’m lost most of the time. I never liked being lost before, because in my own city, that means I’m wasting my time doing┬áerrands. […]

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I kept telling myself, this is what I needed. I kept telling myself, that I need this kinda trip: alone. Previous posts told you all the story about my first trip to Europe, the story continues to the story of my first trip in Europe, alone. Separated from the herd…

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Suomenlinna is a┬ásea fortress founded on islands off the coast of Helsinki in 1748 and is also a cultural treasure. Officially listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. Its construction began in the 1700s when Finland was part of the Kingdom of Sweden. The guns (I also have the pictures!) that faces west on […]

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The Adventure Started…

…from Indonesia, of course! ­čśÇ Flight saya berangkat dari Bandara Soekarno-Hatta, malam hari. Saya berangkat bareng┬áIchan, CFO Cybreed, karena tiket berangkat dari Indonesia dibeli terpisah sama yang punya Gibran. That’s right, flight saya dan Gibran gak barengan *nangis*. Untuk ke sekian kalinya terpisah dari Gibran *naon*.┬áRute kami sudah beda banget dari awal. Saya dan Ichan […]

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The Illogical Cold of Winter in Europe

Sebelum saya benar-benar bercerita runut tentang pengalaman saya di Eropa, saya merasa harus meng-highlight yang satu ini: bahwa suhu di Eropa hari gini, sedang tidak masuk akal dinginnya. Seumur-umur hidup di negara tropis, saya jadi merasa kurang bersyukur atas bersinarnya matahari sepanjang hari, sepanjang tahun! Ketika tahu di Eropa lagi peralihan antara musim gugur dan […]

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