Stand Corrected

You know where you can get lessons? I don’t mean like formal lessons or what they teach at schools or something like that, but like life lessons. Apparently, the answer to that is FROM ANYWHERE or ANYONE for that matter.

We all have those special person in our lives (you know, those who we all want them to step on a Lego or kick their toe super harshly to that pointy part of the table). I have several of those kind of people (and while I love listing their name in my blog, I don’t intend to make them all famous), and they have something in common: they are all denying the truth, as in they can’t stand them being corrected by other people especially if that other people is younger, or whatever the condition where they feel like they’re better than that particular person. Usually because they have this ridiculous sense of seniority or something.

I mean, who knows why they’re like that? Maybe, in their minds they are already the best version of they are? I don’t know.

I’m saying that it’s their loss. Don’t you think? When you’re being corrected by other people (and in fact they ARE right), isn’t it better to admit that you’re wrong? Nobody is perfect and we all know that. We might forget some things that we’ve learned before, and making mistake is not really uncommon.

So just stand corrected. Nothing is wrong with that. You’re not losing face, or anything. You can even learn new stuff from surprising source.


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