Taking the High Road

It took me the LONGEST time to realize that high road, when dealing with those people who annoy/hurt/abuse you, is the best road to take no matter what happen.

Taking the high road means you don’t bring yourself down to their level. Like when they tried to provoke you by calling you stuff, you don’t try to find what’s wrong with them to call them stuff. First, because you know even though you’re not perfect, their cruel words don’t describe who you are. Second, because you’re not going down to their level. I’m gonna repeat it again. YOU. ARE. NOT. GOING. DOWN. TO. THEIR LEVEL. PERIOD.

The high road also means you forgive them. Not because you think it’s okay what they did to you, but because you deserve better. You deserve a life without hate. You deserve freedom. And forgiveness, in a way, is freedom.

It took me all my life. I thought it was such a curse to have met those people. But after a long journey, I feel very blessed to have met them. Even though I still don’t wanna deal with them crazies on daily basis hahaha. But seriously, right now maybe if I meet them on a daily basis I’ll be okay compared to several years ago when I used to hate.

I used to hate so hard it’s making me sick. Hate so hard, I feel like there’s a million boiling hot nano-sized snake inside my blood, filling my veins so full that I wanna explode. I blamed so many people. I wished them hell. And while maybe they’re truly wrong, the hate was eating me alive.

I heard people say that hate is a lot like love. You remember the object you hate all the time, but with negative feelings. I guess it’s true.

But then I learned to let go. I learned that we can’t change the past. We can’t undo the stupid things we (or they) did. But we can make it right.

Don’t take abuse any longer. You are loved, you matter, and you deserve the best. And the best thing for you, sometimes, is not what you think is best for you. Let God decide for you because He knows best. Don’t envy others, be grateful. Don’t take what’s not yours, something better is being prepared for you.

And remember, the best revenge is happiness. To live well after what they did to you. To live well and prove that you’re not what they said you are. You’re not even close.


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